Epoh Beech studied as a fine artist in Florence, at Cheltenham Art School and Chelsea College of Art. She has an MA from the University of Hertfordshire and works out of the ACAVA studios in West London.

Beech has completed six major series of works, each follow a journey, tell a story, illustrate a particular poem or Jacobean “Masque". She regularly exhibits in the UK and Germany. In September 2018, the hand drawn animation 'The Masque of Blackness' (12' 45") was monumentally projected onto The National Theatre Flytower on London's South Bank. The work is strongly influenced by the narrative force and the quest for the sublime through the balance of colour and light most evident in the work of 15th Italian Renaissance and German Romantic painters.

The recent series in animated drawing explores the relationship between still images, moving images and music. Beech hand draws the animations in charcoal on paper using a palimpsest technique, inspired by the animations of William Kentridge and the photography of Hiroshi Sugimoto. The depiction of darkness, shadows and black found in the etchings of Goya and Samuel Palmer, the drawings of George Seurat and the films of Lotte Reineger have greatly informed her practice.

With the great debts to the writings of Marsilio Ficino, J.W. Goethe and Junichiro Tanizaki, the series explores the use of symbolic narrative and colour. Each work in these series examines the internal world and the transformative journey of the unconscious.


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  • 2018 The Masque of Blackness at Totally Thames 2018, National Theatre Flytower, South Bank, London
  • 2018 The Masque of Blackness , Gallery 46
  • 2010 The Marriage of The Thames and The Rhine, London - Gallery in Redchurch Street EC1


  • 2004 MA , University of Hertfordshire
  • 1992 Fine Art Painting, Chelsea College of Arts
  • 1982 Foundation , Cheltenham Art School
  • 1981 Life drawing, Studio Simi, Florence, Italy


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