Hazel Florez (b. 1984) is a UK artist based in a London Studio in Hackney. She graduated at Edinburgh University and the Edinburgh college of Art from the MA Fine Art program in 2007.

She has experimented with a wide range of mediums including oil, acrylic, pen and ink, mixed media collage, costume, fine art photography, installation, and digital art.

Hazel Florez creates imaginary worlds that allow her to dispense with the logical and predictable order of things. She is interested in exploring the themes of esotericism, hermeticism and alchemy, and informs her practice through the study of different occultist philosophies. She is influenced by surrealism, symbolism, folk art and has a curiosity with the world of dreams, the subconscious and Jungian archetypes.


  • 2011 BA International Politics, School of Oriental and African Studies
  • 2010 MA Philosophy, Open University
  • 2007 MA Fine Art, Edinburgh University


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