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Painting & Watercolour

Our largest collection showcases the breadth of our contemporary collection. We offer oils, acrylics, watercolour and more. Most artists are available for bespoke commissions.


A wide variety of printmaking methods are represented include etching, drypoint, screenprinting, monoprint and lithography. Most artists are available for commissions.

Graphic & Digital

This selection of work highlights the contemporary nature of our curation process. We have an ever-expanding collection of imagery created entirely digitally, or with digital manipulation at the core of the work. Most of these artists are available for commissions.


Perfect for a project requiring a figure and/or groups of people, these images feature figures in all manner of contexts. Most artists are available for bspoke commissions.


A selection of non-figurative content for when your project calls for simple, mood-driven imagery. Most artists are available for bespoke commissions.


A showcase of our most cutting-edge artists, focusing on both traditional and graphic illustration. Most artists are available for bespoke commissions.


A carefully curated collection of work that spans all manner of drawn disiplines. Most artists are available for bespoke commissions.

Surface Pattern

Perfect for the textile, wall art and product sectors, our surface pattern lightbox includes repeat and spot illustrations. Most artists are available for bespoke commissions.


Showcasing a mixture of digital and analogue with a heavy focus on fine art photography spanning the 1980s to modern day. Most artists are available for bespoke commissions.

Sentimental Optimism

Trend 2021 - In times of crisis, people typically look back to happier times for comfort and social connectedness. There is a fresh take on nostalgia, carefree times with well-loved popular culture references.

Wild and Weird

Trend 2021 - People are consciously creating time for spontaneous, silly moments to fight the relentless cycle of negativity in the world: celebrating the weird and wonderful becomes a value. It’s about daring to be different!

Disentangling Taboos

Trend 2021 - People want to understand topics deemed uncomfortable taboos, such as poverty, disability and menopause. There is a need for identifying, educating and uplifting social stigmas and to actively challenge societal norms and the status quo.

At-home pleasure

Trend 2021 - People are spending more time at home but still crave pleasurable and sensorial experiences: from perfectly crafted cocktails to high-end furniture. Being at home is no longer a pleasure compromise, it is the place to experience rewarding and luxurious moments.

Designing for Resilience

Trend 2021 - Resilient environments are more important than ever to make people feel protected against outside forces and to build resilient mindsets against future worries to address future-focused needs, including mental health, hygiene and urban pollution.

Rebuilding Trust

Trend 2021 - In an age of misinformation and fake news, people are searching for trust and a sense of security: safe ingredients, hygiene and safety become core needs.

Nurturing Nature

Trend 2021 - People are experiencing a new immediacy with nature, realizing its importance for better physical and mental wellbeing. Bring nature into the home as well as restore natural space, enjoy the great outdoors in ways that make a positive impact on people and planet

Neighbourly Networks

Trend 2021 - Accelerated by Covid-19, people are recognising the value of community ties to their social lifestyles, while new platforms are enabling local networks to tackle growing concerns about education gaps, loneliness and sustainability.

DIY Everything

Trend 2021 - The desire for individuality and shift towards sustainable living is driving the uptake of do-it-yourself formats, to creatively express yourself through maker collaborations, DIY recipes and cross-category competitions that tap into DIY entrepreneurship.

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