David McConochie

We catch up with our artist of the month, David McConochie, to find out more about his creative process, proudest moments and his ideal dinner guests.

Peter Hawkins

Peter Hawkins is our artist of the month. Explore his beautiful paintings of dancers and horses

Ben Bonart

From Winslow Homer to design, Ben Bonart talks to us about his artistic influences.

Gavin Watson

Gavin Watson is our artist of the month. Examine his work which playfully explores the bond between humans and animals.

Susan Aldworth

Susan Aldworth is our artist of the month. Examine her works exploring the human identity and mind

Catherine Abel

Catherine Abel is our artist of the month. Uncover her beautiful Art Deco figurative oil paintings

Isobel Barber

Isobel Barber is our July artist of the month. Check out her charming and playful creations using paper-cutting techniques

John Dilnot

John is our May Artist of the Month. Discover his bright, unique prints and box constructions that perfectly highlight the beauty of nature.

Yoko Honda

Yoko Honda is our June artist of the month. Take a look at her sumptuous, colourful prints that recall the summer season and the 1980s aesthetic.

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