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Diamond_Laurence Lavallee

Diamond / Laurence Lavallee


Joining Bridgeman Studio



How do I join?

To begin your Registration, submit all required information on the Registration Page.

You will be required to Pre-Register by submitting a selection of images which will be reviewed by the Bridgeman Studio team along with an assessment of your existing online presence. This may take a couple of days and we will contact you.

Artists are invited to join based on the quality of their work, the quality of their photography, and most importantly, whether we feel we have clients for your images.


Can anyone join Bridgeman Studio?

Yes! The Bridgeman Studio team evaluates everyone’s artwork equally from a commercial licensing perspective. The aim of Bridgeman Studio is to curate the best creative content for image licensing.

If invited to join as a Bridgeman Studio Artist, you will be asked to complete your registration, following which your images will join our community of successful artists.


How will my artwork be licensed?

We work with over 30,000 clients across multiple industries worldwide. This includes editorial, packaging, branding, graphic design, interior design, marketing and advertising.

Artists will also be invited to create custom artwork on commission if requested by a client.


Which art forms can Bridgeman Studio accept?

Bridgeman has a unique history of representing the world’s leading museums, galleries, private collections and artists. Bridgeman Studio is currently accepting submissions for high-resolution fine art, photography, illustration and graphic art.


What kind of contract does Bridgeman Studio offer?

Bridgeman Studio offers two different kinds of contract;

Our Exclusive contract means that we act as the sole licensing partner for the artist and we would expect all licensing activity to be passed through Bridgeman Images.

Our Non-Exclusive contract means that we do not act as the sole licensing partner for the artist. The artist is free to license through other Distributors.


 Register as a Bridgeman Studio Artist


Small in Between_Graham Dean

Small in Between / Graham Dean



Submitting Images


How do I upload my images?

Images are uploaded to Bridgeman Studio via our tailored Image Uploader. Images will be ingested and then appear in your artist's account page where you can use the simple Cataloguer tool to add the relevant cataloging information.


Where will my images be available?

Your images will appear in the Bridgeman Images archive, the world’s leading rights-managed resource for images and footage.

We have over 40 years of experience in licensing art internationally, representing leading museums, artists, private collections and galleries, coordinated by our team of experts.


How will clients find my images?

Clients can search for your work from both the Bridgeman Studio homepage as well as on the main Bridgeman Images website.

Clients can search and find artist’s images in a number of different ways;

1. Typing the artists name into the main search box on each page

2. Searching by keyword. If a keyword you have catalogued is used, your image will show in the search results

3. By searching our full list of Bridgeman Studio Artists

Clients approaching our Sales Team directly will have access to Picture Researchers and will be presented with lightboxes (curated selections) of images which suit the brief a client has given

Artist's work will appear throughout the Bridgeman Studio website and Blog, utilized within image themes andartist interviews

Searching the special keyword 'BalStudio' in our general search box


Underwater Rainbow_Hilary Simon

Underwater Rainbow / Hilary Simon


Image Ingestion Guidelines


Image File Checklist

At least one side of the image must be a minimum of 3000 pixels

All images must be at least 5MB in size in a jpeg format. 

Jpeg file format is preferred although we can still accept tiff file formats


Colour Profile: sRGB/ Adobe RGB

Colour Space: RGB files

Colour Ratio: 24 bit (8 per channel)


Photographing your artwork

We recommend having a professional photographer photograph your work to provide the highest possible image quality.

Avoid any light reflections in your images, remain aware of surface dust and where possible, and use studio lighting when possible.

Ensure images are cropped to the edge of the artwork and display to the correct orientation with no edges or frames showing.


How to name your Image File

Keep the image file names simple.

Umlauts, accents and special keywords are rejected by our image uploader so avoid the following symbols in the file name; & $ £ / # ’” % @ ~


How many images can I submit at once?

Bridgeman Studio artists are able to upload up to 100 images annually.

Please contact with any questions relating to image selection or criteria.


Bridgeman Studio Selection Criteria

Bridgeman selects imagery on a strict quality control basis to make sure our archive offers the highest quality content synonymous with our brand. We reserve the right to withdraw or 'hide' any imagery which is judged unsuitable for our Studio audience.



All images viewable in the Bridgeman archive is watermarked with our company logo and will appear at 400px.

Un-watermarked images are not available until a license is agreed upon with the client.


Cataloguing Guidelines

The more information that we have relating to the image, the easier it becomes for potential clients to find your work on our website, and the better chance you have of getting your image being licensed!

Please include the following information for each image:

Title ( title, year (medium)

Date created (year only)

Medium (lowercase)

Dimensions in CM’s, height x width with no gaps (eg: 50x40)

Keywords (enter as many relevant terms for the work using the following lower-case format: word;word;word - a semi-colon separator is required).


Keep the following in mind when keywording

Who, what, where, when, why?


Keywording example

Say for example your image is of a dog with its owner.

Enter all relevant terms for the artwork.


Descriptors (dog;animal;brown;pet;owner;person;man)

Subject (figurative;pets;portrait)

Colloquialisms/synonyms of the same word (dog;pet;canine;animal)

Plurals (dog;dogs;person;people)

Mood/conceptual keywording (joy;freedom;relaxation;happy)

If there is room for text to be added within the image, use the keyword ‘copyspace’

If  the image is completely devoid of human figures, use the keyword ‘nobody’


Peloton_Eliza Southwood

Peloton / Eliza Southwood




The License

Bridgeman Images administers all licenses using Bridgeman Studio content. These licenses will dictate to the client the agreement for usage of the image. This agreement will also dictate the price that the client will pay to the Bridgeman, which is split 50/50 with the Bridgeman Studio artist.

The cost of the license to the client is based on a number of factors including;

duration of the license

number of images being licensed

how many times the image is reproduced

where the image is reproduced

the copyright fee the client will need to pay for every artist whose image remains in copyright


How does Bridgeman Studio protect your copyright?

Bridgeman Studio will ensure that the copyright in your work (which you will always retain) is fully cleared through a copyright fee charged to the client.

We will also ensure that any image is fully credited to the artist and that any changes made to the image are pre-approved by Bridgeman Studio staff, acting on behalf of the artist before the change is carried out.


External Copyright Resources

Artists' Collecting Society

Own It (UK)


Intellectual Property Office (UK)

Copyright Alliance (USA)

Copyright France (France)

IP Australia (Australasia)

Copyright Australia (Australia)

Creative Commons


Skimming the Surface_Trygve Skogrand

Skimming the Surface / Trygve Skogrand


Alternative Revenue


Alternative Revenue for Bridgeman Studio Artists

All Bridgeman Studio artists are encouraged to utilize all services offered by Bridgeman Studio in regards to generating income.

Unless an artist has specifically opted out of the following services, all services will be opted in to at the point of joining Bridgeman Studio.


Print on Demand

Bridgeman 3rd Party POD (see list below)


Print On Demand


What is Print on Demand (POD)?

Print On Demand (POD) is an API subscription service that Bridgeman Images offers to a select number of clients (POD Partners) around the world. This service enables POD Partners to offer On-Demand, your artworks reproduced on several different products (such as prints, phone covers, posters, mugs, etc) to an end-consumer. What it means is that when a consumer orders (demands) an item with your artwork on it, the POD Partner will Print that artwork on that single product and ship it.


How can I sign up to these services?

All Bridgeman Content Partners can request to be included in the POD offer by requesting it from the Content Partnership Team at any point.  Whilst individual price points are low, POD sites are often found to be the most reliable source of revenue for Bridgeman Content Partners.


Can I just sell my images for one type of product?

By opting into either all POD Partners or only our Primary POD Partners, your images will be made available for licensing across the full range of available products.


What do I get when my images are licensed?

For every sale made by our POD Partners, Bridgeman receives a royalty commission on that sale (usually between 10% and 20% of the retail price) and from that commission Bridgeman returns revenue to the Content Partner in line with their agreed royalty between us. Please note that the received commission per sold image is low but the potential to realise greater revenue is generated from the volume sales that this business generates, especially around the Christmas/Holiday period. In addition, due to the time between uploading new content, consumer purchasing and the lag in POD reporting and Bridgeman paying out the subsequent royalties, it does take about 12 months to fully appreciate the likely revenue to be generated.


How will POD sales appear on my monthly statements?

All POD payments you receive will be made from Bridgeman Images, administered through our office in London. They will form a part of your usual royalty statements and work under the same terms


Why can I see products bearing my images online but do not see payment for this use on my royalty statement?

Mocked up images of your artwork on a product will appear on google through the POD sites. These images are low-res mock-ups of what the work would look like if it was purchased. It is not a physical product and does not represent a sale in any way.


Can I pull my images from the POD Partners at any time?

It takes Bridgeman a lot of time and effort to get your works added to our POD Partners’ websites. So once you notify us of your wish to have your content added, you must allow the content to be available for POD for at least 2 years to fully realise its potential. At the end of the 2 year period or your current contract with Bridgeman (whichever is first), you may instruct us to withdraw your images from our POD Partners.


Is POD right for me? What else should I consider before agreeing to have my images available to POD?

Do you have any pre-existing deals with other third-parties that compete or overlap with Bridgeman's POD partnerships? Do you feel selling your works on our POD channels would diminish the value of your originals?

If you are an artist, do you currently sell prints yourself (limited editions or otherwise)? Would any galleries you work with object to you selling your works via POD channels? 

If you answer yes to any of the above then please reach out to us to discuss further.


Who are Bridgeman’s POD partners?

Bridgeman Images works with Primary partners in specific countries (USA, UK, France, Germany and Internationally) and also collaborates with a much wider network of Secondary Partners to generate greater revenue for all Content Partners.


Who are Bridgeman’s Primary POD partners?


UK:         Prodigi (for art) Sonic Editions (for photography)

France:     Muzeo

Germany:     Posterlounge

ROW:         Europosters


Who are Bridgeman’s Secondary POD partners?


J.Klammer Gmbh 




Chris Irons 



Czech Republic

Europosters S.R.O 







Editions Langlaude 

Frames & Design 


Sarl Auzars 



A.S. Création Tapeten Ag 

Arsani Ag 

Art Alpha 


Bildergipfel Ohg 

Deindesign Gmbh 

Fine Art Print Gmbh 

Juicywalls Gmbh & Co. Kg 

Paintgallery Klauss Studios Gmbh 

Schulz & Schulz - Kunstkopie.De Gbr 

Studio Posterlounge Gmbh 






Werk Aan De Muur 



Artgeist Sp. Zo.O. Poland 

Russian Federation

Ip Borzov Mikhail Sergeevich 



Vydra, S.R.O. 



Artisan Gallery S.L. 



Fundament Anlagen Ag 

Werner Scheuber Ag - Raumgestaltung 


United Kingdom

Fine Art Prints On Demand Ltd. 

Fruitart Ltd. (The Framed Picture Company) 

King & McGaw 

Media Storehouse 

Omega Sky Ltd t/a Wallsauce

One Vision Imaging Ltd 

Prodigi (Uk) Ltd 

Project J Ltd. t/a Fy! 

Sonic Editions 


United States

1000 Museums Art Authority 


Cafe Press 

Circle Graphics 


Environmental Graphics Inc. 


Fine Art America 

Great Big Canvas 


Imagekind Inc. 

Limitless Walls 




The Art Wall - Dwa Marketing 

Trademark Global 






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