The Lucian Freud Archive

The Lucian Freud Archive (LFA), set up by the artist and his representatives before his death in 2011, has appointed Bridgeman to administer and license his copyright.

Lucian Freud (1922-2011)

Bridgeman representing Lucian Freud Archive for Copyright Licensing

About Lucian Freud

Born in 1922, Lucian Freud moved to London with his family in 1933. By the time of his death he was widely perceived as the pre-eminent British artist of his time.

Selected Literature & works locations

Recommended reading and a list of collections who hold works by Lucian Freud.

Master of Reinvention by Sebastian Smee

Sebastian Smee's review of 'Etchings 1982-2000' at Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney is a brilliant illuminating piece of writing about Freud art and relationship with his models.

Lucian Freud & Michael Auping

Worried that I would be late for our first meeting, I arrived in front of Lucian Freud’s house forty minutes early. I walked up and down the street for thirty-eight minutes, at which point I rang his doorbell. The door opened, and the artist said with a straight face. ‘You are two minutes early.’ He was exactly right.

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