Call For Content - What our clients are looking for and locally significant content needs

Call For Content - What our clients are looking for!


Photography (Art)

Fine Art Photography used as a creative and expressive medium.


Documentary Photography (Culture)

Photographs that capture cultures, people, places, and lifestyles in a way that is more expressive than photojournalism.


Photojournalism Pre-2000 (History)

Photographs that depict news stories or moments in history in an objective and less creatively expressive way.




Content created by and representing all walks of life. Including but not limited to religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. 


Locally Significant Content

Content that appeals to a specific region such has localized historic events or prominent figures.


  • Content from emerging markets (China, India, Asia, Middle East)

  • German Copyright Artists, Bauhaus, Leipzig School 

  • Improving our coverage of select key events post-2000

  • Historical and Social History footage, especially of the 1970s-2000.

  • Photography post-1980

  • Social History- especially 1970s-1980s photography and footage 

  • 1950s - 1980s Italian Photojournalists

  • German Historical Photography 1920s - 1960s

  • 19th-20th Century Photos & Illustrations in Italy

  • German Historical Identity- especially German traditions & customs

  • Photographers and Photographers’ Estates

  • US-based & US-centric Photography Archives

  • Photography of artists (dead and alive) in their studios

  • Cinema/Film Stills

  • Photographers and archives specializing in music and movies

  • Archival & contemporary photos of environmental topics

  • Scientific Images

  • International Photo Archives

  • Italian Photographers

  • Photography of German towns & cities

  • Vintage photography of ex Austria-Hungary Empire territories (such as Trento, Treviso, Trieste, Zara)

  • Colour footage of geography, nature and science. Also, focus on clips of newscasters and generic historical news

  • Italian Footage Archives

  • US artists with certain content specializations – military, religious, regional, urban

  • Ethnically diverse artists (African-American, Latin-American, Jewish, Asian)

  • More Canadian and Mexican artists

  • Americana – both traditional western Americana (eg contemporary Remingtons) and traditional farmhouse (Grandma Moses)

  • Bridgeman Images-represented artists/estates who resemble the styles of the most famous.

  • Decorative Studio artists- strong, bright colours

  • Science and Natural History museums

  • Private & Municipal Museums

  • German Museums & Galleries

  • Swiss Archives

  • Architectural Reconstructions


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