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From images depicting historic figures and events to photography of natural phenomena and beauty, discover the archive selections of Accounts Payable Supervisor, Valentina.

Valentina Mangiavillano

What is your role at Bridgeman Images?
I have recently joined the Finance Team in the Account Payable Supervisor position.

What do you love most about your job?
Learning more about the individual artists we represent and their work!

What misconceptions do clients most commonly have about the archive?
The most frequent has to be the misjudgement that our only focus is Fine Art. While art does indeed form a large portion of our archive, we are also proud of our focus on historic content, upcoming artists, photographers and contemporary images.


1. Aurora Boreale, Norway

Aurora boreale - Norway - October 7, 2015. / Photo © Alex Conu / Novapix / Bridgeman Images

I have chosen this photograph because I would love to witness this amazing natural phenomenon someday. It is on my bucket list!


2. Cala Azzurra, Italy

Cala Azzurra, Favignana, Sicily, Italy / Photo © Riccardo Lombardo / Cuboimages / Bridgeman Images

I am a thalassophile.


3. Wolf Robe, photographed in 1904

Wolf Robe, Southern Cheyenne Chief, Wearing a Benjamin Harrison Presidential Medallion, which he Received from the Federal Government in 1890 for Assisting the Cherokee Commission in Negotiations for Disposal of land. USA, 1904 (b/w photo), American Photographer, (20th century) / Private Collection / Circa Images / Glasshouse Images / Bridgeman Images

I chose this photograph because I think that Native American cultures have been overlooked throughout the centuries to this very day. Every year people all around the world celebrate 'Colombus Day' - but since Colombus arrived, millions of indigenous people have been murdered. Indigenous activists who fight for their own right to live on their own land are suffering to this day.


4. Odysseus on the Island of Circe, Pig Man Detail

Odysseus on the Island of Circe, Pig Man Detail, 2017, Paul Reid
(b.1975) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

I've always loved Greek mythology and I've read the Odyssey (currently trying to make it through 'The Iliad') -  The painting represents the encounter between Ulysses (or Odysseus) and the witch Circe, who turned Ulysses's travel companions into pigs and other animals in order not to let them leave. She cast a spell on him because she fell in love with him, but aided by his intellect and the ever-present goddess Athena, he makes it out of that situation and carries on to his marvellous adventures across the Mediterranean until the day he finally arrives in Ithaca. Finally, what Odysseus represents to me is the insatiable thirst for knowledge and curiosity. As foreseen by the prophet Teiresias, Ulysses will leave his dear Ithaca again to travel far again. (As the saying goes "curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back!")


5. Jean Paul Sartre in Paris, c.1955

Jean Paul Sartre in Paris, c.1955 (b/w photo) / The John Deakin Archive
/ © John Deakin / John Deakin Archive / Bridgeman Images

Jean- Paul Sartre - Having taken philosophy at school, I've fallen in love with it ever since. I subscribe to the notion that life in itself has no meaning (nihilism), but nevertheless, we must take action for what it is that we want to change (existentialism). I love Sartre's philosophy and I find his life fascinating. He fought hard against the establishment and the socially accepted status-quo, became friends with Che Guevara, arrested, and kept under strict surveillance by the FBI for his affiliation with leftist groups.


6. Gilf Kebir Sunset, Time Lapse Clip

Gilf Kebir sunset, time lapse / Laboratoriorosso / Bridgeman Images

While searching for footage of Earth from Space, I came across this nice clip. I find Physics fascinating, and the rise and fall of the Sun should make us think that we are a tiny part of the universe, and not that the universe revolves around us. I subscribe to the notion of multiverse, which is essentially the theory that our universe is not one of a kind and that there might be more than one universe out there. But this won't come easy to the scientists of today, who are still busy trying to understand how the universe that we know works (i.e. reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity).

This footage is also a reminder to me that humankind needs to take care of the planet that we live in. After all, there's no planet B (for real!)



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