MTR Corporation: Chinese Souvenir Travelcards: Year of the Dog

For the travelling art lover

To commemorate the Chinese Year of the Dog in 2018, MTR Corporation commissioned two souvenir travelcards - one of which Bridgeman supplied the images for. 

'The ticket set comprises two souvenir tickets depicting the loving and vibrant spirit of dogs illustrated by imperial painter Mr Shen Quan from the Qing Dynasty and contemporary British artist Ms Catriona Hall, both famous for bringing animals to life on paper.' 

- MTR Press Announcement

The tickets were sold in a limited edition set. Shen Quan (1862 - 1760) is the Qing dynasty artist whose work was used. In a traditional style, the card elegantly depicts a litter of dogs sitting under some bushes. Each of the travelcards is intended for use in a specific region, with the Quan card being used in the Eastern region.

The western card is more contemporary in style. The two cards, representing the East and West bring past and present together, a common element of Chinese culture. The two cards are contained in a special holder which features matte and gloss textures picked out in a rich red. 

On the first day of the Year of the Dog, February 16th, the cards could be used for unlimited rides on specific MTR services.

This is the original artwork, on a hanging scroll that was used for the card.


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Visit the MTR website, containing additional info on the Souvenir tickets and surrounding promotion

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Get in touch at for more information on licensing and copyright



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