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From sinister illustrations to famous artists in their studios, here are our Artists' Manager's favourites from the archive​



What is your role at Bridgeman?

My role at Bridgeman is Artists' Manager. I am responsible for managing the incredible collection of artists we hold at the Bridgeman archive which includes Copyright and Studio artists, as well as working with the Bridgeman Gallery.


What do you love most about the job?

The opportunity to work with such a diverse selection of artists from the Lucian Freud Estate to the current Keeper of the Royal Academy Eileen Cooper OBE RA. 

What misconceptions do clients most commonly have about the archive?

How diverse the archive is in terms of the museums we work with, auction houses, galleries and individual artists and estates.


Aretha Campbell, Bridgeman Artists' Manager (Maternity Cover)



The sleep of reason produces monsters, plate 43 of 'Los caprichos', 1799 (etching and aquatint), Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828) / Private Collection





Goya The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, Los Caprochos

I love Goya's work and wrote my dissertation at university on his Black Paintings. This is my favourite etching from the series Los Caprichos, and it has come to symbolise the overall meaning of the series, what happens when reason is absent.

Various animals including bats and owls fly above the sleeping artist, and at the lower right a lynx watches vigilantly alerting us to the rise of monstrous forces that we are able to control when sleep descends.





Eileen Cooper, Paper Doll
Often described as a magic realist, Eileen Cooper is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work often refences relationships, love and allegory. This particular painting I placed in an exhibition I curated last year. I love the movement in the composition and also the somewhat sinister undertones. 
She has also recently joined Bridgeman as one of our copyright artists and will be launching a limtied edition print through Bridgeman Gallery this year.
Paper Doll, 2012 (oil on canvas), Eileen Cooper (b.1953) / Private Collection


David Hockney (b/w photo), Geoffrey Reeve (b.1936) / Private Collection / Photo © Geoffrey Reeve






David Hockney by Geoffrey Reeve in his studio at the Royal College of Art

I love how Reeve has captured Hockney - the casualness of the young Hockney characteristically smoking a cigarette in his studio. It perfectly captures the moment in time.


Clip: Discussion with Lucian Freud in Studio
Lucian Freud was and is one of the most celebrated and important artists in Britain, this is a fantastic clip of him in his studio.
Inside Job: Discussions with Lucian Freud in his studio, David Dawson (b.1960) / Bridgeman Footage
Calder at the Guggenheim / Creative Arts Television / Bridgeman Footage



Clip: Calder at the Guggenheim
I love this clip of a tour of the major 1965 retrospective Alexander Calder Exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, featuring the then Guggenheim Director Thomas Messer. 
Calder is one of my all time heroes is its wonderful to see this snippet from what would of been at the time a seminal exhibition.




Holly Frean, A Pack of Picasso's Women

Holly Frean is one of my favourite Bridgeman studio artists and I think this is a wonderful example of her multiple works.

Frean's works on paper are always in multiples and this one is a particularly humorous example. Following her acclaimed exhibition at Paul Smith, Holly will also be producing a limited edition print for the Bridgeman Gallery this year.
A Pack of Picasso's Women, 2015 (gouache on paper), Frean, Holly / Private Collection


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