BUR - Rizzoli: In che senso dieta? What do you mean by diet?

Bridgeman proudly collaborated with the bestsellers book and cards series originated by the Italian Facebook phenomenon Se i quadri potessero parlare ( If only pictures could talk ) by Stefano Guerrera.

Bridgeman very happily supplied art images for licensing to the latest book version of Stefano Guerrera's Facebook page Se i quadri potessero parlare.  We asked the author and the editorial team at Rizzoli-BUR to share their licensing experience with us.


What do you mean by diet?


 How come you chose these particular images for your project? What is it you are trying to communicate?  

“Se i quadri potessero parlare” is a project aiming to spread Art History knowledge in a fun way using social media. The image choices are based on the study of the facial expressions and gestures of the painting's subjects: I choose images that, tied with a certain caption, trigger the laughter due to the contrast between art images and text. 


Not a single Like


Did you say pizza?


How did you find Bridgeman Images (Google, word of mouth, etc.. )? 

Rizzoli, the publisher I collaborate with, suggested Bridgeman.


The toilet? At the end, on the right.


It says card declined, shall I try again?


The excellent image quality, the sharp and vibrants colours,  perfectly matched my desire to produce a high quality book that is as well fun and colourful.


This is my last Poke Ball.


He is gay.


What made you want to use Bridgeman Images?   

Bridgeman Images art archive is one of the best for the kind of content I am interested in.


The best remedy for hangover? Being 25 years younger.


1% of battery left


Working with an image archive such as Bridgeman meant being able to significantly expand the iconographic selection.


Card set selection ( Winter is coming, Monday..., TOP!, So, from today is it gym and diet? )


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Available on Amazon:

MAI ‘NA GIOIA  published in November 2015 

CIAONE Published in May 2016 

IN CHE SENSO DIETA? and MAI ‘NA GIOIA CARD will both be published on the 10th November 2016


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