Mucha love for Dubai's Entrecote Restaurant


The Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist Alphonse Mucha is still treasured today for his distinct style and beautiful depictions of women. In his time, he was a much sought after illustrator not only for theatre but for a wide range of consumable and extravagant products, due to his idyllic portrayal of the female figure and elaborate decoration and lettering. He gained international exposure from the renowned 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris.

It is fitting then that the famous Entrecote Café de Paris restaurant in this Dubai mall have chosen to license the artist's creations via Bridgeman Images to adorn the walls of their stunning venue. 


We asked the client why they chose to license these images from Bridgeman: 


Why did you choose Mucha's images?

Mucha was a very natural choice for our Dubai restaurant as his works perfectly sum up the ideal of the feminine pure beauty, together with the woman as a symbol of creativity and freedom.

Our restaurant "Entrecote" is characterised by the Art Nouveau style and the Liberty, a period where both the Arts and the Architecture flourished.

Bringing Mucha and his style to Dubai, the city of the future, makes me feel experimental in introducing the image of a modern woman who does not need to be naked to reveal her charm.


How did you find Bridgeman Images website?

Speculative internet research.


Why did you decide to collaborate with us?

I particularly appreciated your professional and efficient service.


Are you confident you will use Bridgeman Images content again in the future?

With no doubt. The quality of your images and service is excellent.


The restaurant was designed by Michele Cucchiara of MC22design.


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