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Bridgeman works with a number of Print On Demand companies to ensure that they receive the high quality art images and photography they need to create stunning and sought-after products.

We provide access to around 90,000 images from our diverse archive so that The Framed Picture Company and our other POD clients have the very best of classic and contemporary artworks for their customers.

We also update our content on a weekly basis with fresh and unique images from our Bridgeman Studio artists.




About James...

James is the Managing Director at The Framed Picture Company, based in Yorkshire.

At The Framed Picture Company we are passionate about art and we passionate about framing. We aim to provide a great quality product delivered with unrivalled customer service.

We employ a talented team of crafts men and women who are passionate about our business. We work closely with The Fine Art Trade Guild, who set quality standards for our industry and provide great training.



James Fraser, Managing Director at The Framed Picture Company
James Fraser, Managing Director at The Framed Picture Company


Here's what James had to say about the benefits of working together in a POD business:


Northern Lights, 1998, Mark Adlington
Northern Lights, 1998, Mark Adlington


How did you find Bridgeman Images?

We knew of Bridgeman, through various industry contacts. We spent a lot of time speaking to a global image library but found ourselves getting nowhere. So I sent Victoria Bridgeman an email, having never previously spoken to her, and she responded immediately.


Why did you decide to work with us?

We wanted to work with an art library offering a broad range of exciting and original art content, backed up with technical team who could liaise with our own web development team throughout the development project.


How did you get the idea of launching a POD business?

I was working as a photographer but found myself increasingly interested in the presentation of photography and art. Then an opportunity arose to buy a framing and printing business which owned the domain name The Framed Picture Company.

It was selling pre-published art, framed, online, but there was no digital feed from a library, so there were supply problems which were frustrating to both our customers and us. I saw a chance to overhaul the brand, completely redevelop the online business and incorporate a digital feed from an image library. 


How did you choose your selection of images - what is the main criteria? 

We wanted to identify art categories where Bridgeman had a wide range of image content, from which we could select a good selection of exciting and engaging images. We love Bridgeman's contemporary, modern, Victorian, Georgian and Renaissance art.



Orange Turban, 2004, Lincoln Seligman
Orange Turban, 2004, Lincoln Seligman


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See more work by Bridgeman Studio artists on The Framed Picture Company site

Get in touch with the Bridgeman team at for more information on working with us for POD.


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