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Formation of guerrilla bands, c.1880-90 (etching)

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Formation of guerrilla bands, c.1880-90 (etching)
Volck, Adalbert John (1828-1912) / German
Gilder Lehrman Collection, New York, USA
c. 1880 AD - c. 1890 AD (C19th AD)
26.1x34.6 cms

Foreground depicts an angry figure trying to convince a farmer, who has had his homestead destroyed by Union forces, to take revenge by joining a guerrilla band in the background. The farmer sits with his wife and son among the ruins of what appears to be their house while other buildings smolder in the background. One of them could be the angry man's house. The men of the guerrilla band raise their fists in defiance and carry a banner that reads "No more surrenders."

Photo credit
© Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History / Bridgeman Images
flag / flag / printmaking / fighters / female / landscape / print / militia / military / historical / child / rousing / cheer / conflict / retaliation / guerrillas / american civil war / banner / american / civil war / guerrilla / america / male / cheering / family / history / formation

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