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Sacrifice and Drunkenness of Noah, 1425-1430 (fresco)

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Sacrifice and Drunkenness of Noah, 1425-1430 (fresco)
Uccello, Paolo (1397-1475) (and workshop) / Italian
Antonio Quattrone
Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy
1425 AD - 1430 AD (C15th AD)
224x478 cms

Sacrifice and Drunkenness of Noah (Sacrificio ed Ebbrezza di Noè), by Paolo Uccello and his atelier (Dello Delli), 1425-1430, 15th Century, fresco, 224 x 478 cm Whole artwork view. Frescoed panel of the cycle of Stories of Genesis, which decorate the Green Cloister of the Church of Santa Maria Novella; the name of cloister comes from the predominant colour of this painting cycle, according to an ancient technique that was predominantly green monochrome; under the lunette of the Flood there is the scene of drunkenness of Noah; the lower area of the fresco is completely lost; in the remaining part, on the left, there is the group of family members of Noah around the scene of the sacrifice; God the Father, represented a half-length, assists in the sky, under the rainbow; on the right probably there is a representation of the Noah's ark and in the center scene there is Noah farmer working in his vineyard Paolo Uccello e bottega (Dello Delli) Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

Photo credit
Mondadori Portfolio/Archivio Antonio Quattrone/Antonio Quattrone / Bridgeman Images

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