McLemore, Julia


My lifelong love affair (with light, color, flowers and beautiful paper) is displayed in my art.

My titles include the words float, dance, window, shrine, and stand, among others, and I think you’ll see why when you see the work.

The original plants—sometimes just an inch or two across—come to new life on my computer screen, then again as large prints.

My work takes shape year-round. I grow many of the plants myself, collect them or borrow them from friends, often aging the plants and flowers in my studio.

Until about ten years ago, I worked with darkroom photograms…now it’s digital. It allows me to study the smallest details of flowers and plants. Each becomes an opportunity for a new way of seeing, as the light shines through, revealing the flower or leaf’s interior space. The final exhibition prints are oversize, and colorful…magnified many times the size of the original.

It is always a true pleasure to work with flowers and plants plant, and, of course, to work in the arts.

McLemore is an artist and educator, living and working in Charlevoix, Michigan USA. Her work is in a number of collections, including the Yale University's Peter Palmquist Collection, the Columbus Museum of Art (Ohio), Scott's Miracle Gro and the Springfield Museum of Art (Ohio).
She has a B.A. from Miami University, Ohio in English Literature. She also holds a B.F.A. degree from the Columbus College of Art & Design and an M.F.A. degree from The Ohio State University.


  • 1997 Fine Art Photography, Columbus College of Art & Design
  • 2000 MFA Fine Art Photography, The Ohio State University


Orchid Row
Orchid Row

AAY1274708: © Julia McLemore / Bridgeman Images

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