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Phaidon's Lucian Freud: Bridgeman Images licensed for the double volume deluxe heavyweight book set


Client: Phaidon Press

Sector: Arts Publishing

Content Used: Lucian Freud artworks and images

First Published: September 2018


Details: We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Phaidon's latest release in its series of high-end art literature. Bridgeman Images have enjoyed licensing images for usage in Phaidon's ambitious and exhaustive double volume deluxe heavyweight book box set - Lucian Freud.

We are proud to represent the estate of Lucian Freud on Bridgeman Copyright.




This aims to be the most comprehensive publication to date on the late 20th and early 21st century painter Lucian Freud and contains over 480 illustrations. Phaidon is honoured to be publishing the most complete retrospective work on his career ever produced.


''This sumptuous, definitive set is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between David Dawson – Director of the Lucian Freud Archive and for two decades Freud’s assistant, model, and friend – author Martin Gayford, and editor Mark Holborn.

Their collaboration has resulted in a book that goes beyond the work to reveal insights into the man himself. Gayford describes Freud’s determination always to tell the truth about what he was recording in paint. He believed in a found beauty, not one that was imagined by an artist and then imposed on his subject. He painted what he saw, in exquisite detail, and he found it beautiful.''

- Phaidon's website


The book is a celebration of the wide range of subjects and focuses in which Freud found his inspiration throughout his long career. As well as being a comprehensive guide to the ouvere of this prestigious artist, it is also a wonderful item to have adorning shelves of art collectors worldwide - a true testament to the legacy of Freud's amazing work.




The two heavyweight volumes will arrive inside the exterior box. Lucian Freud will be published in September 2018 and is currently available for pre order at £395.00.


Format: 2-volume Set
Size: 353 x 273 mm (13 7/8 x 10 3/4 in) 
Pages: 616 pp
Illustrations: 486 illustrations 
ISBN: 9780714875262

Pre order today on the Phaidon website.


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