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Tatayana Grosman Universal Limited Art Editioons

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Tatayana Grosman Universal Limited Art Editioons
1976 AD (C20th AD)

Tatayana Grosman's "Universal Limited Art Editions" studio in West Islip, NY. An exploration of what has been called the best print workshop in the world. The focus is how artists collaborate in making prints, books of poetry and paintings. Featured are the artist Larry Rivers and the writer Terry Southern, painters Helen Frankenthaler and Robert Rauschenberg. They are seen at Grosman's studio, working on their prints and discussing printmaking techniques. Lecturer, writer and art critic Rosamond Bernier is guide and narrator. She discusses various artists, and talks with Grosman about her life and goals. She makes clear Grosman's importance as a catalyst in the realization of the printmakers' ideals of art.

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