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Parabole or Proverbs. In the Gutenberg Bible

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Parabole or Proverbs. In the Gutenberg Bible
British Library, London, UK

The Gutenberg Bible, the Mazarine Bible and the 42-line page Bible. Mainz, 1455 Source/Shelfmark: C.9.d.4, title page The opening page of the second volume, Parabole or Proverbs. A letter 'I' has been supplied in the inner margin in red and blue, with gold pen-work in the red area, and in the blue area with scrolling foliage in a lighter blue, highlighted in grey. In the second column a 6-line letter 'P' has also been supplied in the style and palette of the 'I', and extending into the space between the columns. Within the letter, on a red background with gold pen-work, there is a bearded figure (King Solomon) in a white hat (crown?), and clad in a red and white cape over a maroon tunic decorated with gold pen-work. A full border in the style and palette of the preceding two decorated pages; in addition to perching birds there is a climbing monkey. Other initials are less ambitiously decorated.

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