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Crop circle in wheat field Golden Ball Hill Alton Priors Vale of Pewsey Wiltshire th...

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Crop circle in wheat field, Golden Ball Hill, Alton Priors, Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire, 12th August 2001 (aerial photograph)
Francine Blake
2001 AD (C21st AD)

Near Adam's Grave longbarrow. A series of groups of 3 circles within circular bands; each group diminishing in number from 7 circles reducing in size to 5 then to 3 then to 1 from the ouside group to the central group. A form of fractal geometry.

Photo credit
© Francine Blake / Bridgeman Images
/ crop circle / aerial view / landscape / geometry / geometrical / pattern / mystery / mysterious / phenomenon / bird's-eye view / design / supernatural / crop formation / paranormal / england / english / photo / photograph / photography / field / crop / c21 / c21st / twenty-first century / 21st century / golden ball hill / alton priors / vale of pewsey / wiltshire / wheat / Photograph / Photography / Mzphoto

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