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Bible : arrestation du Christ. Miniature tiree de ""Speculum Humane Salvacionis"", 1440. The British Library Institution Reference: Shelfmark ID: Add 32245. Folio No: 33v (Detail) Biblical scene, 15th century. Soldiers arresting a man. This scene possibly represents the Roman soldiers arresting Christ in the garden after Judas has betrayed him with a kiss. On the right is a bishop, with a Latin inscriptions above. From ""Speculum Humane Salvacionis"", in verse, written and illustrated in Germany. ©The British Library Board/Leemage
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Bible (character) / Bible / biblical / Jesus Christ / Arrest / Roman Empire / Apostle / Priests / Orders / Religion / Roman soldier / Betrayal / Mount of Olives / Manuscript / Miniature / Bible (scene) / Judas Iscariot / Ancient Rome / Illumination

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