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Battle of Pea Ridge, Ark, 1889 (colour litho)

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Battle of Pea Ridge, Ark, 1889 (colour litho)
Kurz and Allison (fl.1880-98) / American
Gilder Lehrman Collection, New York, USA
colour lithograph
1889 AD (C19th AD)
53x71.3 cms

On the night of March 6, 1862 Major General Earl Van Dorn set out to outflank the Union position near Pea Ridge, dividing his army into two columns. Learning of Van Dorn’s approach, the Federals marched north to meet his advance on March 7. This movement—compounded by the killing of two generals, Brigadier General Ben McCulloch and Brigadier General James McQueen McIntosh, and the capture of their ranking colonel—halted the Rebel attack. Van Dorn led a second column to meet the Federals in the Elkhorn Tavern and Tanyard area. By nightfall, the Confederates controlled Elkhorn Tavern and Telegraph Road. The next day, Major General Samuel R. Curtis, having regrouped and consolidated his army, counterattacked near the tavern and by successfully employing his artillery, slowly forced the Rebels back. Running short of ammunition, Van Dorn abandoned the battlefield. The Union controlled Missouri for the next two years.

Photo credit
© Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History / Bridgeman Images
cavalry / army / troops / armed forces / flag / flag / american indian / charging / pea ridge / banners / army / shooting / military / armies / historical / conflict / flags / charge / secessionist / winter / unionist / action / native american / battlefield / american civil war / banner / cannons / civil war / american indians / america / artillery / native americans / dramatic / soldiers / battle / us / federal / history / missouri / conferedare / james mcqueen mcintosh / usa / ben mcculloch / 1862 / earl van dorn

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