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Home Movie Collections at Bridgeman Images: Licensing a "Slice of Life”

Home movies, once recorded as a visual keepsake of people or places now help tell new stories in complementary and supplementary ways.


Non-narrative archival footage has long been sourced for documentaries, TV shows, commercials and numerous other projects to educate, illustrate and call back to specific time periods. 

Beyond being referential in nature, these genres can also be contextualized as figurative. Take home movies for example. What was once recorded as a visual and personal keepsake of a person, place and time can help tell entirely new stories in complementary and supplementary ways.


Mauna Loa, 1942 © Memorias Celuloides / Bridgeman Images


As a leading supplier of cultural and historical footage and stills, Bridgeman Images works on projects as the licensing partner for footage collections both big and small, offering a platform for exclusive and sought-after topics as well as these everyday, “slice of life” glimpses you get from home movies.


New York Panorama From a Boat, 1972 © Aylon Film Archive / Bridgeman Images

Partnering with Bridgeman also helps holders of these collections raise awareness and income for preservation, digitization and dissemination. Collaborative licensing highlights footage gems that otherwise may have remained invisible.


Mexico Trip, 1950s © Look Through Time / Bridgeman Images

Home movie collections are growing at Bridgeman Images and we are proud to offer various unique POVs from all over the world and throughout the 20th century. From new partnerships with collections like the Mackenzie Rough Archive, Aylon Film Archive, Memorias Celuloides, La Camera Stylo, and Look Through Time to upcoming partnerships with Mexican-based Archivo Filmico Reyes and established ones with classics like the Robbins Barstow Archive (of Disneyland Dream home movie fame), Bridgeman Images has something to offer for all.


Tenerife, 1978 © La Camera Stylo / Bridgeman Images

If you are interested in learning more about our collections or partnering up with Bridgeman Images to give your films new life, please get in touch!


Isle of Wight Music Festival, 1970 © Mackenzie Rough Archive / Bridgeman Images


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