Iranian art, architecture and artifacts at Bridgeman
75 years since Persia officially renamed Iran. Rediscover a rich cultural history.
Royal Academy exhibition runaway success
Major Russian collections under review following runaway success of Royal Academy exhibition
Defining Moment
The inauguration of Barack Obama as 44th President is a huge turning point for the United States. Take a look at past events that define a turbulent and triumphant history.
White Beauty
With Mark Wallinger's giant horse set to tower over the Kent landscape, we look back at at a tradition of the horse in British art
St. George the Dragon Slayer
Saint George is the patron saint of England. Popularly identified with England and English ideals of honour, bravery and gallantry but actually he wasn't English at all...
Coal Mining: A history
Over 25 years since the 1984 Coal Miners' strike
A Fresh Crop
From masterpieces by iconic artists to something more contemporary, let Bridgeman show you fresh ideas for your upcoming calendar lines.
Exotic Delights
New paintings by Nigel Hughes. Mayan Architecture and South American birds.
Stairway to Heaven
William Blake's 1809 Exhibition recreated at Tate Britain
Bird's Eye View
New panoramic images of London's landmarks by Francis Farmar
The Public Enemy Era
Bank robbers, bootleggers and national heroes. Take a look at our rogues gallery of faces and places of Chicago's public enemy era.
'Henry the Eighth I am, I am'
Shakespearean drama, the beheading of wives, sibling rivalry and a beloved red haired virgin; take a closer look at the Tudors through the eyes of the artists of the time.
A Journey through Asia
The Bridgeman Art Library has an impressive collection of Asian art from museums around the globe.
Travel Through Time
Travel through time with Bridgeman. Enhancing our fine art offerings are significant photographic collections
Art of the Feast
Thanksgiving is upon us. In honor of the holiday, we explore the enduring theme of food and celebration in art.

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