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Harley Roll Y 6, Roundel 13, Roundel of St Guthlac (labelled 'Guthlacus') ill in...

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Harley Roll Y 6, Roundel 13, Roundel of St Guthlac (labelled 'Guthlacus') ill in bed, conversing with his disciple Beccelm (labelled Beccelm[us]'), with the inscription 'Guthlac[us] languens loq[ui]t[ur] cu[m] Beccelmo discip[u]lo suo'. The spectacles and pointed hat on St Guthlac are later additions.from the 'Life of Guthlac' (the 'Guthlac Roll', or Vita Sancti Guthlaci) 1175-1215
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English School, (13th century) / English
British Library, London, UK
1175 AD - 1215 AD (C12th AD - C13th AD)
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Guthlac (674–715) was a saint from the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia. He was a warrior in the Mercian borderlands who, after nine years of fighting, had a religious conversion and became a hermit in Crowland, in Lincolnshire, where he lived in solitude on an island in the middle of a marsh.

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From the British Library archive / Bridgeman Images
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guthlac roll / parchment / life / anglo saxon / saint / st guthlac / ill / sick / beccelm / hermit
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