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One of the panels of Hesire from the Mastaba of Hesira at Saqqara Old Kingdom...

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One of the panels of Hesire, from the Mastaba of Hesira at Saqqara, Old Kingdom (wood)
Egyptian 3rd Dynasty (2700-2620 BC) / Egyptian
Sandro Vannini
Egyptian National Museum, Cairo, Egypt
C27th AD
114x40 cms

There were originally eleven wooden panels in the tomb of Hesire at Saqqara, only six now survive, each showing Hesire at a different age in life, wearing different costumes and with different equipment. This man held important positions, each described on these wooden panels, including Chief of the Royal Scribes, Mayor of Buto, and Overseer of Dentists. These pieces display the conventional art style that had developed by the 3rd Dynasty, and is then found throughout Egyptian history; here, the face is shown from the side, while the shoulders and eye are shown as if seen from the front. Both legs and feet can be seen as Hesire strides forward. In his right hand he holds the sekhem-scepter, while in his left he holds his scribal equipment and a staff. The artist has carefully tried to show Hesire’s eyebrows and moustache, while both the details of his wig and kilt are finely carved. He also has a prominent nose and full lips.

Photo credit
© Sandro Vannini / Bridgeman Images
/ relief / panel / man / hieroglyphs / antiquity / wooden / artefact / artifact / Ancient Egyptian / hieroglyphics / male / photograph / Photograph / Photography / Mzphoto

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