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No Hougomont The House and farme du - Gourman from the Right' w c pencil...

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'No 1 Hougomont The House and farme du - Gourman from the Right', 1815 (w/c & pencil on paper)
Dighton, Denis (1792-1827) / English
National Army Museum, London
watercolour and pencil on paper
1815 AD (C19th AD)

Distant view of Hougoumont, in the foreground a single shako lies discarded amongst standing corn. From a series of nine landscape views of the battlefield of Waterloo painted shortly after the battle.

Photo credit
© National Army Museum / Bridgeman Images
/ battlefields / landscape / corn / houses / gourman / hats / hat / farmhouse / fields / napoleonic wars / farmhouses / battlefield / house / landscapes / field / battle of waterloo / shako / hougoumont / hougomont / shakos / Painting / Mzpainting

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