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NEW Commissions Service

It is now possible to commission artwork, illustration, graphic art and photography from Bridgeman Studio's talented pool of contemporary artists. Don't let your project be dictated by having to select from existing images; commission your own from a Bridgeman Studio artist and license it exclusively.


New images for your project

Interested in commissioning an exclusive artwork for your project? Talk to our Account Managers and they'll help you make a selection. The Bridgeman Studio team will interpret your brief with our artists. Receive high-quality images to deadline, copyright cleared and ready to use immediately.


Balloons and Fairground, 2014 (oil on linen) Buckingham Palace, London (w/c on paper)
Balloons and Fairground, 2014, Emma Haworth Buckingham Palace, London, Judy Joel


Tell us what you want

We will commission images specifically for your project. Fancy a painting for a book cover, digital photography for wallpaper, or an illustration for a greetings card? At Bridgeman Studio we will create images from leading commercial artists, which are delivered on time and within budget.

Due to continuing demand from our existing clients, we have developed a simple, quick and rights-managed solution for commissioning. Give us your brief and we will come up with a simple selection of artists to choose from who fit your criteria.

The Bridgeman Studio team will provide a clear brief to our artists. This includes a commitment from the artist in the form of a signed Commission Agreement and proofs for you so that you can be sure that you get exactly what you want.


Whale Island A Temple and Vines (w/c on paper) 
Whale Island, Katie Edwards A Temple and Vines, Simon Fletcher


Exclusive to you

Tired of seeing the same images everywhere? The beauty of our commission service is that the work you commission will be entirely exclusive to you for the duration of your licence. Safe in the knowledge that you helped create an original work of art, you won't find anyone else using the same image.


A one-stop shop

The images you commission will be cleared for use straight away as part of your licence. Not only do we provide the image, but we also offer a secure rights-managed service. Rather than the hassle of going to multiple sources, we will clear copyright for every single artist available to commission through Bridgeman Studio.

With a clearly-defined brief, medium, digital format and delivery date, we will create exactly what you want. We will deliver a high-quality, digital image, ready and cleared to use immediately.


Glorious Havana Bird life
Glorious Havana, Jenny Wheatley Bird life, Muktair Oladoja


Find out more

Contact our Account Managers on to start your commissioning journey.

Interested in joining Bridgeman Studio as an artist and taking on commissions? Email the team on to find out more.

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