Burghley House was built in 1556 by Sir William Cecil, later Lord Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I. After its completion few alterations were made to the exterior so it remains one of the finest examples of Elizabethan design in the country. The house is festooned in wonderful works of art, including the wood carvers Grindling Gibbons and Jonathan Maine, the plasterer Edward Martin and the painters Louis Laguerre and Antonio Verrio. The panelled Billiard Room contains family portraits. The Marquetry Room has a large display of inlaid furniture dating from the late 17th century as well as a collection of 16th century Flemish pictures including a work by Pieter Brueghel. There is a superb collection of Japanese late 17th century porcelain. The Third and Fourth George Rooms house some fine larger pictures by Giordano and Guercino.

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