Hagley Museum & Library
Bridgeman is proud to announce our representation of the Hagley Museum. This collection, founded by E.I. du Pont is a wonderful time capsule representing America's industrial past.
Leonardo da Vinci Codex Atlanticus
Explore the largest collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s papers ever assembled in the remarkable Codex Atlanticus
Elsa Schiaparelli at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
From the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a focus on the designer from the 1930s whose iconic fashions will be featured at The Met in 2012.
Now Representing: Corcoran Gallery of Art
Bridgeman now represents this major center of historic and contemporary American art.
Now Representing: The Phillips Collection
Now representing the collection of Duncan Phillips, who desired to create a museum of modern art and its sources.
Now Representing: Philadelphia Museum of Art
New to our archive: the collection of one of the largest art institutions in the U.S., housed in one of the most iconic buildings in the world.
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