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Bridgeman Images utilised for Riviera programme on Sky Atlantic

Sector: TV & Film
Content Used: Primarily artwork images printed to their original size and used as set dressing. 
First Broadcast: First series aired in June 2017; Second series aired May 2019. 


Riviera / Sky Atlantic (c) all rights reserved


Bridgeman Images are proud to share information about our partnership with Peninsula Film on their production of Riviera which is shown on Sky Atlantic as an exclusive programme.

The official synopsis of the programme from Sky's website reads

''Julia Stiles stars in a Sky original set in the glamorous French Riviera: sun-soaked playground to the super rich, and the perfect place to hide dangerous secrets.

When a member of the Clios family goes missing, Georgina returns to the Riviera, and receives a sinister message. Eventually, Irina's fate forces Georgina to face the damage she inflicted.''


Riviera / Sky Atlantic (c) all rights reserved


One of the characters in the programme - Constantine Clios, an affluent art collector - displays artworks from across the world at his home. For the purposes of set dressing, Bridgeman supplied images and granted rights to Peninsula Film to use a selection of paintings for the sets. Both classical and Old Masters' paintings, for example Rembrandt, Monet, Ingres, Wilem de Kooning, Modigliani were used, alongside a selection of Bridgeman contemporary artists, for example Helen Flockhart. 

We have really enjoyed the partnership with Peninsula film, which commenced in the first series of Riviera and into the production of the second series which first aired in May 2019.


Riviera / Sky Atlantic (c) all rights reserved


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