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Bridgeman Images supports the NHS 70th Anniversary Portfolio

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of one of the nation’s best loved institutions, the NHS, Imperial Health Charity asked seven artists to produce limited edition prints for their collection, The NHS 70th Anniversary Print Portfolio, to raise funds which will go directly to the NHS, for projects within these busy London hospitals. As one of the seven, Tom Hammick created the piece Andrzej’s Cabin, in the hope of conjuring up the feeling of wonder and peaceful seclusion that he gains from the natural world, for patients and hospital staff alike.

When asked about the piece he produced for the 70th anniversary celebration, Hammick said:

“In the late 60s and 70s, where I lived in the country outside London as a boy, there were two characters who lived off grid, in a handmade shed and an old drover’s wagon. It was, as I saw it, a romantic life on the fringe that I craved for myself, and still do.

I wanted to make an image of someone living in a shack out in the wilderness, as a form of escape from our caged-in, sterilised neon worlds. I thought such an image of romanticised shack-life, might in some small way, conjure patients and hospital staff to hear the birds sing, watch the sun go down and the stars come out, and get back to a feeling of wonder conjured up by the natural world.”

Tom Hammick

Title: Andrzej's Cabin, 2018
Medium: Prints and multiples, Reduction woodcut
Edition: 70
Size: 70 x 66 cm. (27.6 x 26 in.)
Price: 750 GBP (inc VAT)

The portfolio includes works by Sir Peter Blake, Mona Hatoum, Elizabeth Magill, Jeremy Deller, David Mach RA, and Chris Orr RA. In addition, 10 charity prints have been offered as gifts to the hospitals, and an exhibition of the seven prints will tour St Mary’s, Charing Cross, and Hammersmith Hospitals throughout 2018.

Bridgeman Editions is proud to be a part of this project, working alongside Tom Hammick for the sale of this limited edition woodcut, produced as an edition of 70, with 50% of all proceeds from each sale of this work going to the Imperial Health Charity. As a woodcut print, each edition will be slightly different to every other, each print unique in its own small way, hand printed, numbered, and signed by the artist.

Tom Hammick is an artist and educator with works found in private and public collections across the globe, including at the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Yale Centre for British Art, and the Library of Congress, Washington DC. He has also exhibited internationally throughout his career, most recently showing his work at Albertz Benda & Friedman Benda in New York, alongside modern and contemporary artists including Peter Doig, Alex, Philip Guston and Georg Baselitz.

Peter Blake

Please get in touch with our Artist Manager, Aretha Campbell if you would like to make a purchase or have any enquiries.

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