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Barometer and thermometer c pear wood premi re-partie Boulle marquetry of brass turtleshell oak gilt...

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Barometer and thermometer, c.1710 (pear wood, première-partie Boulle marquetry of brass &turtleshell, oak, gilt bronze, brass, glass, mercury & enamel)
Boulle, Andre Charles (1642-1732) / French
Wallace Collection, London, UK
pear wood, première-partie Boulle marquetry of brass and turtleshell, oak, gilt bronze, brass, glass, mercury and enamel
1710 AD (C18th AD)
114x29.8x12 cms
Photo credit
© Wallace Collection, London, UK / Bridgeman Images
18th century / XVIIIth century / XVIII / C18th / eighteenth century / secolo XVIII / 18 18th xviii xviiith century / 18 18th 18th 18th 18th 18th century / barometer / barometers / thermometer / thermometers / instrument / instruments / Science / scientific / ornate / pressure / temperature

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