Morris, Cedric (1889-1982)

Sir Cedric Lockwood Morris was a British artist, art teacher and plantsman. He was born in Swansea in South Wales, but worked mainly in East Anglia. As an artist he is best known for his portraits, flower paintings and landscapes. He was equally renouned in the world of horticulture. For many years over-looked as an artist, Morris is enjoying a revival of commercial and critical interest, with two exhibitions held in London in 2018. At the recently reopened Garden Museum next to Lambeth Palace, and at Philip Mould on Pall Mall. Morris founded the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing in 1937, where probably his most famous pupil was a teenage Lucian Freud, who allegedly burned the school to the ground with a carelessly discarded cigarette. Another pupil, and longtime champion of Morris, is the British artist Maggi Hambling.

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