Rojter, Mikhail (1916-93)

Mikhail Grigorevich Rojter was born in Vinnitse in Ukraine (1916) and received his first education in fine art at the RabFak section of the Kiev Art Institute which provided education for the children of workers. From his early student years, his preferred media was graphics, Indian ink and watercolour, and prints, mainly etching and engraving, lithography and monotype, and occasionally linocut. From the late 1950s, he developed a passion for depicting sports, both in strong expressive prints, and in wonderful soft impressionistic watercolours. He was considered one of the leading artists working in the sports genre. Another favourite theme of his was the Soviet Youth: Students, Komsomols and Pioneers, Siberian youth, young workers and sports-youth populate his genre works of the 1950s and 1960s. From the late 1970s onwards, he concentrated on watercolours, showing the changing faces of the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg and other provincial cities during a time of major architectural changes. He painted large impressionistic cityscapes of the disappearing Moscow, and the new city emerging, as well as Dostoevsky’s St. Petersburg which held a special place in his heart. Rotjer died in 1993.

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