Livanova, Vera (1910-98)

Vera Matveevna Livanova was born in Moscow, 1910. Her style as a poster artist was shaped under the guidance of well-known masters of early Soviet art Aleksandr Deineka, Yuri Pimenov and Vladimir Tatlin. Livanova started her career as a professional artist in Perm doing theatre designs. After two years she moved to Kiev where she started working as a poster artist. In 1936, Livanova settled down in Moscow and in 1938 she became a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. From 1937 to 1968, she worked as a poster artist for the “Izogiz” and “Soviet Artist” publishing houses. Livanova’s posters focused on topics related to the rise of agricultural and industrial standards under the Soviet regime. Common topics were those connected with elections, anniversaries and other political events. Her posters show her mastery as a colourist.

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