Lekomtsev, Konstantin (1897-1977)

Konstantin Mikhailovich Lekomtsev was born in the region of Udmurtiya. During the 1920's he studied at the famous VKhuTeMas institute. In the early 1930's he taught at the Perm Art College, where he met his future wife Natalia Gippius (1905-1995). They later worked together on various graphic arts and lithography projects at the famous VKhuTeMas Institute in Moscow. In the early 1930's he mainly painted genre landscapes, inspired by the Russian avant-garde. In the late 1930's he adopted a form of "soft" socialist realism, to be seen in a series of genre portraits. He is famous for his portraits of the 1950's in the classical Russian realism style. During this period he painted many children and young people. In the 1950's - 1960's he painted a series of lyrical landscapes, many of which were from the Baltic Sea.

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