Lett-Haines, Arthur (1894-1978)

Lett-Haines was a painter and sculptor who experimented in many different media and considered himself an English surrealist. Lett-Haines, was born in Paddington, London, in 1894. After the Frist World War he became involved with an artistic group based in Chelsea, which included among its members D H Lawrence, Katharine Mansfield and the Sitwells. In 1919-20, with Cedric Morris, he attended the influential Newlyn School of Painting, an artist colony based in Zennor, Cornwall, reminiscent of the Barbizon School. Then in 1920 Lett-Haines and Morris moved to Paris and became part of a group of avant-garde artists which included Marcel Duchamp, Fernand Léger, Man Ray and Ernest Hemingway, all of whom had a major influence on the artist. Lett-Haines also acknowledged Picasso’s influence during the whole of his career. In 1937, Lett-Haines co-founded the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing in Dedham, Suffolk.

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