2015: A year of anniversaries to commemorate
Prepare for the year ahead with our archival calendar
Wendy's Pics
From ginger cats to the Eiffel tower, Bridgeman's Senior AM in New York reveals her favorite images and clip in the archive
Felicity's Pics
Bridgeman's Cataloguing Manager reveals her favourite images in the archive
A Transformative Process
Our inhouse scanning team ensures that every image is picture perfect
Bridgeman Out and About
The Bridgeman team have been out attending industry events and art exhibitions around the country, with many more events on the horizon.
Steffen's Pics
Bridgeman Berlin's General Manager reveals some of his favorite images in the archive
Bridgeman Blog has launched
After many months of planning our blog is ready to explore
Back to school with Bridgeman Education
Subscribe by October 01, 2014 to receive a 10% discount!
Victoria's Pics
Bridgeman’s CEO reveals some of her favourite images and clips in the archive.
Six BACS artists nominated for Art Everywhere UK
We’re delighted to announce that six of our copyrighted artists have been nominated for the UK Art Everywhere campaign
Jerzy Marek (1925-2014)
Bridgeman celebrates the life and legacy of our talented represented artist.
Paula's Pics
Bridgeman Images’s Sales Manager for Paris, reveals some of her favorite images and clips in the archive.
Introducing Bridgeman Images
After 42 years, we are changing our brand name from the Bridgeman Art Library to Bridgeman Images.
Joy is...
Inspired by the first ever Bridgeman Studio Award competition, we asked the team what 'joy' meant to them.
Ed's Pics
Bridgeman's President for North and South America talks about some of his favorite images in the archive.
Bridgeman Studio Award: Tips from the Experts
For our competition entrants will not be judged by aesthetic merit alone but by their ability to translate their image across multiple applications.
Annabel's Pics
From Ballet Russes to 'Bad Santa', Bridgeman's Marketing Manager reveals some of her favourite images and clips in the archive.
Bridgeman Blog: Sneak preview
Discover more about our new online community for art lovers and professionals, with details about each category and a look at the design.
Bridgeman needs bloggers!
We’re looking for engaging, knowledgeable and experienced writers for our upcoming blog. Think you have what it takes?

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