24th October 1917
The October Revolution (November in Gregorian calendar): Bolshevik Red Guards forces under the Military Revolutionary Committee began the takeover of government building. 100 years.
24th October 1922
George Cadbury, third son of John Cadbury, a Quaker who founded Cadbury's cocoa and chocolate company in Britain, died. 95 years.
24th October 1957
Christian Dior, French fashion designer and inventor of the "New Look", died. 60 years.
24th October 1972
Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson, the first African American to play in the major leagues in the modern era, died. 45 years.
28th October 1697
Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto, Italian painter of vedute of Venice, was born. 320 years.
28th October 1962
The Cuban Missile Crisis ends. 55 years
31st October 1517
Martin Luther's Ninety Five Theses begin the Protestant Reformation. 500 years.
31st October 1632
Johannes, Jan or Johan Vermeer, Dutch painter who specialized in domestic interior scenes of middle-class life, was born. 385 years.
November 1972
The Wind in the Wires by John Edwards - Buff Films won the first year of The Grierson Award trophy. 45 years.
1st November 1952
First detonation of the H-Bomb (Ivy Mike) at Enewetak Atoll. 65 years
3rd November 1957
Sputnik program: The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 2. On board is the first animal to enter orbit, a dog named Laika. 60 years
2nd November 1947
The Hughes H-4 Hercules or "Spruce Goose", a prototype flying boat made its only flight. 70 years.
7th November 1867
Marie Curie, Polish and French physicist and chemist, is born. 150 years.
8th November 1817
Andrea Appiani, Italian neoclassical painter, died. 200 years.
10th November 1917
WWI: the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele) in Flanders ended. 100 years.
14th November 1922
Daily broadcasting by the BBC began in Marconi's London studio in the Strand. 95 years.
15th November 1887
Georgia O'Keeffe, American artist, is born. 130 years.
15th November 1917
WWI - at one of the darkest hours for the French war effort, Georges Benjamin Clemenceau was appointed prime minister. 100 years
17th November 1917
Auguste Rodin, French sculptor, dies. 100 years.
17th November 1942
WWII The Tunisian Campaign (also known as the Battle of Tunisia) began. 75 years.

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