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© Wallpapered. Images licensed from Bridgeman Images
© Wallpapered. Images licensed from Bridgeman Images


Rachel Ellis from Wallpapered explains why Bridgeman Images was an obvious partner for their range of art canvases. 
"We are super excited to be launching our new range of art canvas prints, from Klimt to Van Gogh, and proud to be offering the very best art from around the world for our customers to choose from. With an outstanding archive of images and appreciation for the arts, we knew Bridgeman Images would be a good match.  To begin with we have selected around fifty artworks that are currently considered the most popular. The offering is so diverse and this excites us as it reiterates that art is personal to the individual. So on that note, I’ve selected three of my favourite canvas prints from our new range." 


Seated Woman with Bent Knee, 1917 by Egon Schiele / Narodni Galerie, Prague, Czech Republic / Bridgeman Images


The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli

"I’m always seduced by the beauty of renaissance art as it’s indulgent and often feels glamorous. This painting in particular (see top of page) is full of passion and romance; it also has an element of escapism as it takes you to another world (one day I will sit in my Italian Villa, sipping an espresso and admiring this painting on my perfectly crumbled yet decadent walls!) But for now, this stunning canvas print in my South London flat would be rather good. That’s the great thing about our canvas prints; it makes beautiful artwork available to everyone, so we can all own a little bit of our very own masterpiece." 

Seated Woman with Bent Knee, Egon Schiele

"As a huge fan of fashion illustration, Egon Schiele has been inspiring the fashion crowds for decades. His effortless style, expressive brushstrokes and slightly provocative figures all contribute to his unique style. I could look at his art all day."

Windy Day, Ikahl Beckford 

"Call me uncultured but this was a new discovery for me!  But surely that’s the best thing about having such a great archive of images, there will be some you know and love, others you recognise and a few that are completely new.

This painting by Bridgeman Studio Artist Ikahl Beckford struck a chord with me; the way the figure is captured in just a few brushstrokes and the colours are just wonderful. I can imagine this canvas print looking fabulous on our biggest size."

Premium quality canvases from Wallpapered come ready to hang in a wide variety of sizes to suit your space. Choose from a huge range of striking designs, from customised local area maps to fine art masterpieces. Worldwide shipping available. 


Becky Maitland, Design Assistant at Wallpapered with canvas print. Image: Windy Day by Ikahl Beckford /Bridgeman Studio
Becky Maitland, Design Assistant at Wallpapered with canvas print. Image: Windy Day by Ikahl Beckford /Bridgeman Studio


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