Collection Spotlight: National Gallery of Ireland

Explore the National Gallery of Ireland, a collection represented by Bridgeman including masterpieces from artists from Ireland and worldwide.

Established in 1854 by an Act of Parliament, and opened to the public in 1864, The National Gallery of Ireland is one of Europe’s earliest public art galleries.  Located in the centre of Dublin, it houses a collection of over 16,300 works of art comprising European and Irish fine art spanning the early Renaissance to the present day.


The Goose Girl, c.1922 (oil on canvas), Stanley Royle (1888-1961) / National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

The gallery holds a prestigious display of Irish artworks by Nathaniel Hone, Thomas Roberts, Daniel Maclise, Roderic O’Conor, John Lavery, William Orpen, Mainie Jellett, Mary Swanzy Paul Henry and Jack B. Yeats.


The gallery's collection also spans the history of Western art, from Renaissance masters such as Fra Angelico and Paolo Uccello to Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso of the modern era. Among the highlights are Spanish works by Velázquez and Goya, Italian masterpieces by Caravaggio, French paintings by Chardin and Bonnard, Dutch masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh, and works by eminent British artists such as Hogarth, Gainsborough and Reynolds.

Detail of Lady Gregory (oil on canvas), John Butler Yeats (1839-1922) / National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland / Photo © Brian Seed


 Portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh, 1598 (oil on panel), William Segar (fl.1585-d.1633) (attr. to) / National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland


The gallery is currently hosting Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry

The exhibition celebrates the work of Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) and will give new insights into the relationships the artist maintained with other great painters of the Dutch Golden Age.  It will bring together over 60 paintings from major public and private collections around the world. Ten masterpieces by Vermeer will be included representing nearly a third of the artist’s surviving works and the third highest number of works by Vermeer ever assembled.



Lady writing a letter with her Maid, c.1670 (oil on canvas), Jan (Johannes) Vermeer (1632-75) /
National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland


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