Collection Spotlight: Images of War

Bridgeman Images is now representing the leading footage collection Images of War for reproduction and licensing

Lusitania memorial, anti-war parade, pro-war rally, Roosevelt and Wilson, 1915, 1917, WWI

Bridgeman Footage are pleased to announce a new and exclusive deal with leading archive company, Images of War. Their footage collection starts in 1900 and ends with the first Gulf War of 1992. Its holds over 14 hours of footage from the first World War, including the Somme. There is extensive footage of practically every campaign and theatre of war from the second World War.


Nazi Parade in a village, German officers, Admiral Karl Dönitz; SS General Josef Dietrich, 1945
Colour footage of Auschwitz concentration camp, its survivors, and the dead, 1945


The archive also contains footage of Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War crisis, ending in good quality colour footage from the first Gulf War, Desert Storm. In between the years of war, the archive also holds many hours of social and political footage from the 20th Century including subjects like: JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King, Elvis and much more.

Bridgeman Footage will be digitising and cataloguing these collections over the coming months making it available for research. 


Churchill at Buckingham Palace with the Royal Family, VE Day, 8th May 1945
 Academy Awards 1965 - fans cheering outside, George Cukor, Jack Warner and Rex Harrison stand with awards for My Fair Lady


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