Alanna's Pics

From vintage 1960s photography to "Magic Money," here are our Account Manager's favourites from the archive​​

What is your role at Bridgeman?

I am an Account Manager at Bridgeman's New York office specialising in the Products, Interior Design, and Advertising sectors.


What do you love most about the job?

I come from a background in Fine Art Business and Sales. Working with Bridgeman combines the best of both worlds - I get to look at incredible art all day while helping my clients purchase the best images for their specific needs.

What misconceptions do clients most commonly have about the archive?

They often do not realise that sales from our archive provide a source of income for the world's great museums, institutions, collections and artists. Up to 50% of proceeds go direct to the supplier.



Alanna Miller, Account Manager


Magic Money (oil on canvas), Lincoln Seligman




Lincoln Seligman is a Bridgeman studio artist who draws viewers in both visually and intellectually. His paintings imbue a sensibility that combines Magritte and the Old Masters. I think conceptually his work is ideal for Ad Campaigns looking to push the envelope.



Butterfly, Tamas Galambos

Tamas Galambos is at the top of my list for his use of vibrant greens, yellows and blues. Botanicals have also been a strong running theme in both design and interior sectors over the past few years. Though Galambos does not offer his work for Print-on-Demand, the artist is open and available to take bespoke commissions

Butterfly, Tamas Galambos / Private Collection


Near Newport (oil on canvas), John Frederick Kensett (1816-72) / Private Collection / Photo © Christie's Images


Near Newport (oil on canvas), John Frederick Kensett

We fully represent and manage Christie's Images, which provides unique access to images of blue chip artworks in private hands. Take for example, this perfect John Frederick Kensett that showcases the artist's famous whiplash shoreline. Such a simple composition becomes nearly abstract.



Nikki, with the expressive eyes: last year it was lapel buttons, but this year, it seems, the eyes have it, April 1968

In lieu of recent happenings, I've picked this image for obvious reasons. Make love, Not war.

Nikki, with the expressive eyes: last year it was lapel buttons, but this year, it seems, the eyes have it, April 1968 (b/w photo) / London, UK / © Mirrorpix



Suffragette parade in New York, 1915 / Film Images




Suffragette parade in New York, 1915

Bridgeman Footage is filled with clips documenting the most important historical moments in time. As a feminist, my favourite historical footage is this stunning clip of the NYC Suffragette parade from 1915.


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