Collection Spotlight: Canadian War Museum

Bridgeman Images is proud to represent the Canadian War Museum collection, Canada’s national museum of military history and living war memorial.

Over the Top, Neuville-Vitasse, 1918 (oil on canvas), Alfred Bastien (1873-1955) / © Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Canada


Bridgeman Images has represented the Canadian War Museum for a number of years, but recently they added a further selection of their unique content and we are happy to share that content with our clients.

The Museum originally opened its doors back in 1880, when mostg of the collection was of militia artifacts. The Museum reopened its new location on the LeBreton Flats site in downtown Ottawa (right by the Canadian Parliment building) on May 8, 2005. This date not only commemorated the 60th anniversary of the end of the WWII (V-E Day) but also the 125th anniversary of the Museum itself. Since its new building's opening in 2005, the Museum has welcomed approximately 500,000 visitors every year.


D-Day - The Assault, June 1944 (oil on canvas), Orville Norman Fisher (1911-98) / © Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Canada






The exhibition galleries as well as their public programs aim to create a human connection to civilians and the realities of war. Specifically, the Candian Experience Galleries highlight Canada's military history from its earliest times (such as the first recorded death caused by armed forces) to present day. Each gallery is meant to highlight major moments in Canada’s military history and how these historical events have shaped the nation.

The Museum’s collections is known as one of the finest military collections in the world, and includes rare vehicles, artillery, uniforms, and personal memoirs. In total, the collection comprises more than 3 million artifacts, specimens, works of art, written documents and sound and visual recordings.




The Canadian War Museum also includes a large collection of war art. The collection of includes over 13,000 works of art from World War I to the present day. The Beaverbrook Collection of War Art comes from the National Gallery of CanadaI which was transferred to the War Museum in 1971.


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Tank Advance, Italy 1944, 1944 (oil on canvas), Lawren Philips Harris (1910-1994) / © Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Canada



Ottawa, c.1943 (oil on canvas), Pegi Nicol Macleod (1904-1949) / © Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Canada



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