Introducing the Bridgeman Footage Team

Holly and her team work behind-the-scenes making sure all footage needs are taken care of. Read on to hear more about them and their favourite clips from the archive... 


Holly Webster


I head up the footage department at Bridgeman and look after all of the existing and newly acquired collections. The archive is growing every day and it’s great fun working with such interesting content, ranging from HD Egyptology stock clips to home movies from the early 20th century.  I catalogue the majority of the footage that comes in, a job that never gets boring what with the wonderfully varied range of material we represent. One day I might have to research the history of aviation, the next, life in early 20th century Dutch East Indies.

My favourite clip in the archive – a very tough choice! – has to be Early Flight Prototypes, showing a montage of the earliest attempts at building flying machines. Although comic and absurd to our advanced 21st century eyes, it amazes me how brave, persistent and imaginative those inventors were. I’ve also been completely mesmerised and humbled by our recently acquired body of material from the First World War. If you would be interested in submitting any footage with us, contact me at







Adrian Gibbs


I look after Bridgeman's relationships with our many suppliers, who include museums, art galleries, libraries, historic houses, private collections, artist and artists’ estates. We have a team of researchers and cataloguers with specialist historical and art historical knowledge who prepare the large numbers of new images and clips that we are continuously adding to the archive. Millions of pounds have been paid to our collection partners over the last 10 years.

My favourite footage in the archive is Inside Job, a film by David Dawson. This intimate documentary chronicles the great art historian, Sir John Richardson's visit to Lucian Freud's studio in 2009 and includes the artist at work and discussions between the two childhood friends.


Victoria Bridgeman

I am Bridgeman’s CEO and strategic force behind Bridgeman Footage. When not running Bridgeman from our headquarters in London, I get to travel to many amazing cities to see our clients and collections as well as our international offices in Paris, Berlin, New York and LA.

One of my favourite clips in the archive is a WW1 battle scene on the Italian Front. I have watched it time and time again, and each time I cannot believe that what we are watching on our screens is happening for real in front of the camera.  With the WWI centenary approaching, we are all being deluged with images and literature, and Bridgeman is proud to represent collections like Chronos Media and the exclusive Buff films.







Paola Fumagalli


I help handle the marketing for Bridgeman Footage and the other Bridgeman brands. I am also busy supporting our social media channels, creating show reels and conjuring up Photoshop magic for the website and promotional material.

My favourite footage clip in the archive is Alfred Hitchcock on Fear. In this sub-clip from a longer programme made in 1972, the master of suspense discusses the joys of inducing fear in his audiences.


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We look forward to working with you in 2014!


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