Subways, Streets and Still Lifes

See the urban landscapes of New York through the meticulous eye of Bridgeman Contemporary artist, Laura Shechter.

D'Art / Laura Shechter / Bridgeman Images
D'Art / Laura Shechter / Bridgeman Images
Still Life / Laura Shechter / Bridgeman Images
Still Life / Laura Shechter / Bridgeman Images


Brooklyn Born

Contemporary realist painter, Laura Shechter, has studied and practiced as an artist in her native Brooklyn since the 1960s.

Using her home town as her inspiration and main subject matter, Shechter’s paintings capture an unusual beauty in the gritty urban scenes of all five of New York City’s diverse boroughs.


Minimalist Themes

After graduating from Brooklyn College’s Fine Art’s program, Shechter studied under renowned minimalist painter, Ad Reinhardt, considering the artist as one of her greatest influences. These minimalist themes are evident in her urban landscapes as well as still life pieces, which traditional in style, possess a distinctive flair unique to Shechter. 


Feminist Influence

Laura Shechter’s work has been exhibited in museums and collections around the world and the United States, including The Brooklyn Museum among others. Having been strongly involved with feminist movements throughout her career including the first Women in the Arts meeting in the 1970’s, Shechter embraces feminist influences in her work through “decorative motifs, color, and subject matter”, using what she describes as “dominant” and “girly” colors such as pinks and yellows.


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Visit the exhibition of Laura Shechter's drawings, Drawn in Light and Shadow: New York City Scapes, at FX Fowle Architects, New York, NY, through December 19, 2014.

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City Scape / Laura Shechter / Bridgeman Images

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