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Bridgeman Art Library is the world's most comprehensive archive of fine art, cultural and historical material available for reproduction. Whether you are working on a line of custom greeting cards, a mixed media art project, designing a fun new fabric or looking for unique graphics for in-store display, Bridgeman offers images for every aesthetic.

Inspired images for your product lines

From rustic to reckless, upcoming trends span the gamut. We've put together some image selections inspired by some of these trends. If you are looking for something specific, please email your research request to the Bridgeman team. With over 400,000 images online and 1 million offline, we will help you source hard-to-find images from our over 3,000 represented museums, archives and artists.


Reckless & Bold


Ethereal Pastels






Vintage sports


Ornamental Medallions




Renaissance & Classical Motifs


Rustic Comfort


Brocade & Silk Textiles

Wallpaper Case Study

Bridgeman recently partnered with Rollout Design & Mfg Co. for several wallpaper product lines. Check out what Rollout created for their office. Using several works by William Morris, Rollout created a beautiful composite mural (right).

Images from the William Morris Archive


Search a selection of copyright-cleared patterns, ornament and design elements.


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Image © Rollout
Image © Rollout

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