Pastiche & Master's Gallery

Gryphon Games worked exclusively with Bridgeman to license images for two unique and challenging, family-friendly board games.


image of Masters Gallery board game


Masters Gallery

Play the art critic and gallery owner in this award-winning game. Over the course of four rounds, players aged 10+ use cards featuring some of the most beautiful works of art ever created to establish the relative value of each artist's body of work. While fun for the entire family, Masters Gallery is also great for introducing kids to art appreciation.

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"After considering several possibilities, we chose to work with the Bridgeman Art Library because of their vast and wide-ranging collection of works to chose from. Their website interface is very convenient and easy to work with, and the Bridgeman staff, particularly Maria Murguia-Harding, is exceptional - delightful, professional and very helpful."

- Rick Soued, Fred Distribution/ Gryphon Games


Pastiche develops a basic knowledge of colors and the recognition of art masterpieces and genres. Players score commissions of some of the most iconic European paintings throughout history by recreating the palette of colors used by masters who created these works. Great for ages 10+, this game will exercise your planning and reasoning skills and encourages flexibility and creativity.

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image of Pastiche board game


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