Artist Spotlight: David Inshaw

This week, we are excited to announce that Bridgeman artist David Inshaw opens his new exhibition, A Vision of Landscape, at the Redfern Gallery, London; on until 7th November 2019.


Silbury Hill (oil on canvas), David Inshaw / Bridgeman Images


This autumn, Inshaw presents new landscapes from his most recent body of work, created only earlier this year. A Vision of Landscape revels in Inshaw’s love of the English countryside, but also demonstrates the artist’s traditional and methodical approach to his work. A number of detailed pencil studies will also be presented, revealing Inshaw’s meticulous practice behind the completed works.


Our days were a joy and our paths through flowers, 1971-72 (oil on canvas), David Inshaw / Bridgeman Images


Inshaw’s fascination with landscape stems back to the 1970s when he and other British artists founded the Brotherhood of Ruralists in 1975. Inshaw, having always lived in the British countryside, has maintained his artistic relationship with the natural environment despite the Brotherhood disbanding, and has travelled extensively throughout Dorset and Whiltsire. 


The Badminton Game, 1972-73 (oil on canvas), David Inshaw / Bridgeman Images


Inshaw’s artistic acclaim was cemented in 1980 when the Tate purchased The Badminton Game (1972-73). Originally titled after a poem by Thomas Hardy, it is one of a number influenced by the landscape of Wiltshire and his hometown of Devizes. He has written of 'the mystery and wonder I felt all around me in this magic place', and his attempt to capture a moment in time with all its emotion.


Wiltshire landscape, 1984-85 (oil on canvas), David Inshaw / Bridgeman Images


Of course, Inshaw is more than a landscape painter. He is highly figurative and often his work creates atmosphere through the interaction between landscape and people, and often includes symbolism, mystery and dreamlike qualities. Some of Inshaw’s most contemplative work includes these figures, sometimes nude, intersped amongst a vast backdrop of natural awe.


Buoyant I, 2003 (oil on canvas), David Inshaw / Bridgeman Images


Inshaw’s recent landscapes appear to depart from the melancholy of his past paintings, although that’s not to say that his latest works are any less emotive. In fact, they employ the warmth of spring and summer to create an entirely different but heartfelt atmosphere. To see the transformation for yourself, be sure to head to the Redfern Gallery this autumn.


David Inshaw, A Vision of Landscape, 9th October - 7th November, 2019



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